1. What is climate change?

The first module in the kit is aimed at improving our understanding of the basic science of climate change and its impacts, and the international commitments made by the Red Cross Red Crescent. It contains two sub-modules:

1a. Climate Change Science and Impacts explains the scientific consensus and includes a set of more advanced slides for Climate Champion trainers in the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement. 

1b. Climate and the Red Cross Red Crescent explains our responsibility to address climate change as well as our international commitments and vision.

We advise you to use sub-module 1a in most trainings, either to introduce the topic or to refresh people’s memories on why we are so concerned about the impacts of climate change.

If you would like to use the modules in a more generic training session, you can email the Climate Centre and the IFRC Disaster and Crisis Prevention, Response and Recovery team for advice on which content to use.

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