1a. Science and impacts

Welcome to the first module of the Climate Training Kit: Science and Impacts.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time, so this module provides a basic understanding of why and how the climate is changing and its main impacts, including the humanitarian consquences.

For a more advanced audience the module also covers concepts like climate change attribution and geo-engineering and includes a very helpful guide to collaborating with national agencies for weather and climate.

In addition, a presentation is included to help National Societies get started on a climate risk assessment.

To test people’s understanding in a fun and energizing way, the module includes a quiz that can be used as a refresher for people with a basic understanding of the science of climate change.

Module 1b on Climate and the Red Cross Red Crescent is closely related to this one and the two can be easily combined; 1b contains more information on the roles and responsibility of the Red Cross Red Crescent in addressing climate risks.


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