3b. Partnerships and consortia

In this module we explore the importance of partnerships for the management of climate risk and climate dialogue. We discuss the need to collaborate with stakeholders ranging from governments and knowledge centres to the private sector.

Working on climate adaptation or climate-smart disaster risk reduction requires an understanding of climate impacts, and the use of new information and expertise.

Knowing how your country and your operations can be affected by climate risks is key, as well as using climate information on different timescales to reduce risks of weather-related disasters.

In this module there are three components: 

- Networks and partnerships relevant to dialogue on and investment in management of climate risk
- Lessons, opportunities and challenges on working in consortia
- Engagement with the private sector engagement, including a working paper in the relevant reading section.

Highlights of this module are:

- National Society experiences, including a nice overview of successful collaborations
- Relevant reading, including in-depth guidance on how to collaborate with hydro-meteorological services,
and a working paper on collaboration with the private sector. 


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