3c. Communication


This sub-section helps National Societies raise awareness of climate change and its impacts through the production of high-quality information and multimedia for different target groups.

Here are tools, ideas and case studies from throughout the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, building on the IFRC’s minisite Public Awareness and Public Education for Disaster Risk Reduction.

The Relevant reading section includes exercises and games for use in training, workshops or simply as an inspiration for campaigns, all facilitating learning in interactive ways.

In contrast to other explanatory modules the films listed here simply show the effectiveness of images as a source of inspiration for communications work, and there is a video on how to make a video.

In the Red Cross Red Crescent, video and multimedia in general are increasingly popular ways of sharing information and raising awareness and in this section you will find a summary of best practice from other National Societies, including a catalogue of products, case studies, brochures, booklets and more.


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